Update: eBay Listing For NES Game Ends At…



328 total bids and the winning price makes it the most expensive video game ever sold, eclipsing the $55,000 spent on a “The Legend of Zelda” prototype in 2012.  It also shatters the previous high of $18,000 for the same Nintendo World Championships cart.  I guess the hand-written “Mario” label makes it all that more valuable.


P90X3: Week 1 Recap

One week down, twelve more to go!  Here are my thoughts on the first week of P90X3.

Day 1: Total Synergistics
30 minutes goes by fast in this total body workout (push-ups, squats, pull-ups, core) with hardly any breaks in between exercises.  Since this was my initial run-through, I form faltered as I was trying to keep up with the video and forgot to write down my progress.  It’ll only get better as I now know what to expect.  Overall, still a great exercise and my whole body was definitely sore the next day.

Day 2: Agility X
Marking the floor with tape is crucial!  I did not have painters tape so I “eyeballed” the distances and while it was still effective, I feel like having actual markers on the floor would hold me more accountable. Since warm-up plus the actual exercise has to fit within 30 minutes there were no hamstring stretches which would have been beneficial since this workout includes a lot of plyometric moves.  I realize that there is an optional 12 minute “cold start” primer I could have done first but that defeats the purpose of 30 minute workouts!  I’ll be adding my own quick hamstring warm-up for next week.

Day 3: X3 Yoga
Yoga X was my least favorite exercise by far in the original P90X.   My flexibility is awful to say the least so 90 minutes of demanding yoga poses was not my cup of tea.  So it may come as a surprise that I thought X3 Yoga was great!  Some might think that Tony should hold the poses for longer, but the pace was spot-on for me.  It did feel a bit more rushed at the end during balance poses but once again, everything has to fit within 30 minutes.  The 4 sets of moves for hamstrings, hips, IT band, and spine were the highlights for me.  Oh and corpse pose is the best pose in yoga.  Lastly, Ted’s version of “Ted’s Chair” (one-legged chair into crane) is insane.

Day 4: The Challenge
This was my favorite workout for the week and all it involved were push-ups and pull-ups.  You choose 2 numbers at the beginning that guide you through the workout.  One is your pull-up reps and the other is you push-up reps.  The goal is to maintain those reps throughout the 30 minutes.  Tough all the way through and you end with two minutes and thirty seconds of “burnout”.  A great whole upper body challenge.

Day 5: CVX
Tony keeps the pace going in this cardio workout with weights.  Having done Insanity, CVX was nowhere near as intense which for my fitness goals is perfect.  I felt like I had gone through a good workout at the end but did not feel completely gassed as was the case post-Insanity routines.

Day 6: The Warrior
Can’t argue with combination sets of upper body, interval, core, and lower body.  Another whole body workout that was fun and challenging to complete.  As a personal note, I really need to improve my hamstring flexibility.  It would make a lot of these workouts easier.

Day 7: Dynamix
The option for day 7 was rest or Dynamix and I chose the latter to see what it was all about.  I’m glad I did as I was treated to range of motion and stretching moves that I sorely needed.  This workout incorporated motion into the routine instead of static stretches and was a nice way to get my body ready for another week of P90X.

Overall Impressions
So far, the 30 minutes a day is fitting comfortably into my schedule.  There were initial adjustment periods to each of the workouts since I had to figure out the moves but I think the upcoming weeks will go much smoother.  I’m enjoying the variety and whole body approach to most of the DVDs, though I wish there were more weight lifting routines and less cardio.  Ambitious as it might be, I plan on following the “Mass” track of the program after this initial 90 days (assuming I make it to the end) to hopefully bulk more.  Bring on week 2!