2 More Rare NES Carts on eBay (Gray and GOLD!)

Considering the record amount a gray Nintendo World Championships cart auction ended for last week on eBay, it’s no surprise that other owners of the coveted cartridge would try to capitalize on it.  There are now concurrent eBay auctions for a gray and even rarer gold version (only 26 of the 116 made) of the game.

Image from actual listing

First up, is *yawn* the gray version, currently at 27 bids with 5 days to go and a price of $11,000.  This one has the original label still on as opposed to the one from last week.

Image from actual listing

Next is the ultra-rare gold cart, currently at $90,100 with 67 bids and 7 days left.  The issue with the cart that ended with a high bid of almost $100,000 last week is that the top bidder recently backed out stating that “their 2 year old placed the bid without their knowledge”.  So there can be some artificial inflation of bids going on with all these auctions.  It’ll be interesting to see how much these two listings can grow to with almost a week left to go and if any will sell to legitimate bidders.