P90X3: Week 2 Recap

I can’t believe week 2 has come and gone already.  I guess time flies when you are exercising consistently.  This week was the same workout schedule as last week, meaning it was easier to follow the moves in each DVD.  Overall, I feel stronger and more confident with the program.

I was able to get more out of each exercise, especially in ‘Total Synergistics’, where I no longer had to play catch-up.  ‘Agility X’ set my quads, hams, and glutes on fire (in a good way) and some extra stretching afterwards really went a long way to loosen up those muscles.  ‘X3 Yoga’ was once again enjoyable with the exception of standing splits (ouch!) and twisted moon (ouch!).  I was able to increase my goal numbers slightly for ‘The Challenge’ and I look forward to upping them again next week.  ‘CVX’ kept my heart rate up through the entire 30 minutes and I realized a lack of a dedicated warm-up in the beginning is not necessary as the first couple of moves already get you ready.  ‘Warrior’ was as tough as the first week but I noticed it is a sneaky good cardio workout too.  Lastly,  even though ‘Dynamix’ is on a rest day, it still works out your core and makes you sweat.

I am experiencing what I consider an appropriate amount of soreness throughout the week, with most of it dissipating by the time the next night’s workout rolls around.  With Insanity, there seemed to be more residual soreness with each day.

It was widely believed that lactic acid released when working out is what caused this sensation but recent thinking absolves this chemical as the culprit.  Lactic acid actually gets purged from the muscles in about 60 minutes post-workout, whereas muscle soreness usually appears several hours to a day afterwards.  Now scientists are saying small tears in the muscle fibers from overuse are the culprits.  Increased blood flow and release of chemicals locally both irritate pain receptors and cause soreness.

Week 3 repeats the same schedule as the past two weeks but week 4 is a transition week, with new workout routines added to the mix.  How was your week 3 experience?  Do your best and forget the rest!  I’ll check back in next week!


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