P90X3: Week 10 Recap

Well, this was quite the wild week in terms of actually getting my workouts in.  Due to unforeseen situations such as a different work schedule and the always fun migraine, I ended up falling behind by two days and skipped Pilates X as well as the rest/Dynamix/Ab Ripper X day.  I usually finish up the P90X week on a Friday and then start right into the next set on Saturday.  As you can tell from this post, I just ended week 10 today, a Sunday.

Just got to keep plugging along though, so I choose to look at this minor setback as a way for my body to have more time to recover for me to power through the last 3 weeks of this program.  The major difference I noticed this week was that I am starting to increase the flexibility in my hamstrings!  Before starting P90X3, I couldn’t bend forward and touch my toes due to the tightness in my hams.  I was in the middle of the cool-down of Eccentric Lower today when I performed said move and impressed myself with actual finger to toe contact.  Minor stuff but pretty exciting in my book.

This week’s actual schedule according to the books was supposed to be Decelerator, MMX, Eccentric Upper, Triometrics, Pilates X, Eccentric Lower, and Rest/Dynamix.  Next week is a repeat of week 9 and will be the last time we see Agility X, The Challenge, and Total Synergistics.  Until the next go-around of P90X3…


The Bacon Dongle Will Be Mine… In 6-8 Weeks!

Oscar Mayer’s ingenious bacon promotion, or “bacomotion”, has finally paid dividends for me!  After several weeks of trying, I’m proud to say that one of their delicious bacon-scented devices will be waking me up in 6-8 weeks.  I haven’t been this excited for an alarm clock and waking up in the morning sinceNinja Turtles were on early Saturdays back in the 90’s.

Look for a full report on this landmark device once it is in my possession.  Until then, I guess the sound and smell of real bacon will have to suffice.

Power Mitt Campaign Brings Nintendo’s Glove to the Kitchen

Nintendo’s ill-fated Power Glove was released in 1989 but quickly deemed too unwieldy and imprecise for actual gaming.  Through the years, it has gained notoriety most notably by appearing in the cult classic movie The Wizard and prominently featured on seemingly every top 10 list of gaming peripherals gone bad.

Now, thanks to a new campaign on Indiegogo the masses can enjoy this relic of the early Nintendo years in the kitchen with a Power Mitt oven glove.  As of this post, $5,712 of the $18,000 goal has been met with 41 days remaining.  Like Kickstarter, if the goal is not reached, refunds will be handed out and no one will get a glove… I mean mitt.  There are three levels of funding avaiable: $39 for one glove, $69 for two gloves, or a spectacular $10,000 for a one of a kind gold-plated version that is not functional but will look impressive in a display case, I guess.  Stretch goals include leftie versions plus larger sizes.



Here’s hoping this is more successful than the original.  If nothing else, the infomercial-styled promo video is pretty rad.

After seeing that, this is all I have to say:


Taping Tuesday: Wrist and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is classified as an entrapment neuropathy, where a nerve is irritated due to inflammation or decreased space surrounding it.  CTS is considered the most common of these disorders and the latest research estimates the prevalence at 3 to 6% of adults.

The carpal tunnel itself is an area in the wrist where the median nerve and other forearm tendons travel through to reach the hand.  This area can become compressed or inflamed through trauma, repetitive use, and pregnancy, leading to irritation of the median nerve.  Common symptoms include numbness, tingling, pain, and loss of strength in the hand and fingers.

Before surgical options for releasing pressure on the carpal tunnel are considered, a course of conservative measures is usually initiated.  This can involve the use of wrist splints when sleeping, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, injections into the affected wrist, acupuncture, chiropractic manipulation, and yoga.  Kinesiotaping also falls under the conservative treatment branch and is performed as follows:

P90X3: Week 9 Recap

Week 9 contained new routines mixed with ones that haven’t been in the rotation since the first block of P90X3.  This was the first time Decelerator was introduced and it was a great whole body workout, with exercises that focused on the legs, chest, and back.  By far the hardest move was crane cracker push-ups, which started with a standard push-up, then added a knee to the elbow hold, and finally balancing in that position solely on your hands.  I don’t think I was able to hold the crane pose for longer than a second before toppling on to my head.  The good thing is Decelerator is included four times in this last block so I’ll have plenty of time to work on it.

The rest of the week saw the return of old favorites like The Challenge and Total Synergistics, both of which were in block one but not two.   Tony actually gives you a choice here if you decided to splurge on the Elite package as Complex Upper and Complex Lower can be substituted in for The Challenge and Total Synergistics.  Since I didn’t get the elite P90X3 package, I had only one option.  As far as I’m concerned, the two workouts that come with the base package were adequate replacements and still kicked my butt.

As I mentioned last week, block three is scheduled a bit different from the previous two so next week will be a whole new mix of routines such as the always tough Eccentric Upper and Eccentric Lower.  I think this is a smart design choice as it will make every week feel fresh and different as the program winds down.  I’ll check back next week with hopefully less bumps and bruises on my head!

Overview of Rockets C Dwight Howard’s Ankle Cyst

Dwight Howard sat out last night’s game against the Minnesota Timberwolves after having a benign cyst drained and removed from his left ankle.  Howard has been dealing with an ankle sprain in that same joint but it is unclear if the two are related.  He is expected to be back on the court for the Houston Rockets on Saturday against the Cleveland Cavaliers.

ankleGanglion cysts are benign balls of fluid that usually develop in the membrane that cover tendons and joints.  They are most commonly seen in wrists and ankles but usually don’t cause any discomfort unless they are near a nerve, causing pressure and interference.  The cause of these cysts are not well established but it is thought that they might be a blister response by the body to trauma or injury.

Up to half of all ganglion cysts disappear on their own but sometimes invasive procedures are warranted such as aspiration (draining of liquid from the cyst) or surgery.  Home remedies that are not recommended include hitting the cyst with a heavy object or popping it with a something sharp.

Look! Up in the Sky! It’s Superman with a GoPro!

This is probably the best use of a GoPro I have come across.  Who hasn’t imagined themselves with Superman’s powers and saving the day?  Even if the thought of wearing spandex to fight crime hasn’t crossed your mind, I bet you’ve at least wondered what it would be like to fly like a bird.  If not, what’s wrong with you and what have you done with your inner child?

The fine folks who conjured up this video ingeniously attached a GoPro to a drone and flew it around Los Angeles.  Then with the magic of digital effects, they created a delightful short film centered around Superman returning the said camera to its rightful owner and the hijinks that ensued along the way.  Drones are the wave of the future and if it leads to more incredible point of view videos like this one, then I am all for it!

Taping Tuesday: Tennis Elbow

Pain localized in the lateral epicondyle of the elbow is referred to as tennis elbow.  Similar to golfer’s elbow outlined last week, this injury is a result of inflammation or repetitive overuse in the extensor tendons of the forearm, which allow for extension of the wrist and fingers.


Our friends at KT Tape and Rocktape provide simple instructions for this condition.

Overview of Cavs G Kyrie Irving’s Bicep Injury

Cleveland Cavaliers point guard Kyrie Irving left yesterday’s game against the Clippers in the first quarter after colliding with Blake Griffin.  Irving clutched his left upper arm after the incident and was ruled out of the game with a left bicep injury.  Cavs.com updated the situation with the following statement today:

“Irving traveled back to Cleveland with the team and was examined at Cleveland Clinic Sports Health this afternoon by Cavaliers Head Team Physician Dr. Richard Parker. Imaging revealed a strain in the long head tendon of his left biceps. Irving will now undergo a period of inactivity for his left biceps and be re-evaluated in two weeks.”

Losing their leading scorer (21.2 PPG) and playmaker (6.2 AST) virtually eliminates any chance of the Cavs making the playoffs as they are 4.5 games back of Atlanta for the final spot.  Irving’s had a history of injuries even in the short time he’s been in the league.  Hopefully he will bounce back quickly from this latest setback.


The bicep muscle attaches to the shoulder with two tendons, the long head and short head.  The former connects to the top of the shoulder socket at the glenoid while the latter joins to a bony protrusion on the scapula called the coracoid process.  Strains can occur in these tendons from repetitive motions and stresses or in Irving’s case, a sudden impact to the area.

Fantasy Impact
With most fantasy leagues entering round one of the playoffs, owners of Irving now have to look elsewhere for production.  A good place to start is on the Cavaliers with point guard Jarrett Jack, who is likely to take over the bulk of Irving’s minutes.  Jack has been inconsistent in his last 10 games with highs of 21 PTS and lows of 5 PTS on 22% shooting.  But with more consistent minutes and playing with the first unit from the outset of the game should help Jack’s value in the coming weeks.

Other point guards to consider if they are still available include Jordan Farmar of the Lakers, Brian Roberts of the Pelicans, Jeremy Lin and Patrick Beverely of the Rockets, and Reggie Jackson the Thunder.

P90X3: Week 8 Recap

I got a bit side-tracked this week due to a titanic distraction so I didn’t follow the transition schedule to a T.  I ended up using two days as “rest” and had intentions of doubling up a day to get back on track but in reality, it didn’t happen and I ended up skipping Yoga X.  All the other workouts were par for the course, although I did feel more winded during CVX than prior iterations of it.

Another change I made this week was substituting Ab Ripper X for Dynamix, which I alluded to in my previous post.  This worked out well because my Dynamix DVD is scratched and doesn’t play well to begin with.  I definitely see the benefit of this swap as my abs were burning as bad as the first time I ever did Ab Ripper X.  I think I will continue this for the remaining five weeks of the program.

Speaking of the last block of P90X3, here is how the schedule plays out: the same weekly routines are performed every other week (i.e. weeks 9 and 11 are the same, weeks 10 and 12 are the same).  Decelerator is the only brand new workout in this last part and the program ends with a “victory week” of workouts.  Here’s to a more focused start to the last third of this journey!