Wake Up To The Smell of Bacon… From Your iPhone

Bacon.  Synonymous with mornings and hearty breakfasts, man’s desire for this delicious food to be integrated in our everyday life knows no bounds.  From bacon gumballs to talking bacon plushies, there is a bacon product out there for anybody.  Now comes the next evolution of bacon-ification: an alarm clock.  No, it’s not a clock made out of bacon (note to self: great idea), but instead it’s an alarm that not only wakes you up to the sizzling sound of frying bacon, but also the smell!  Life is complete.

Oscar Mayer has developed a new iPhone only alarm app that does just that.  The smell part of the equation comes from an attachable dongle that is not available in stores.  Instead, it has to be won through a random sweepstakes on the Oscar Mayer website.  The contest runs from March 3rd to April 4th and is limited to one entry per day, per email address.  4,700 lucky bacon aficionados will be waking up with bacon on their mind and in their nostrils.


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