NASA’s New Z-2 Suit Is… Tron?

NASA held a public vote on the design of their new prototype Z-2 spacesuit and the results are in!  With an overwhelming 63% of the votes, the winner is… this.

Named “technology”, this suit beat out two other designs (“biomimicry” and “trends in society”) to become the latest in space wear that NASA will perform tests on.  It is slated to be complete in November of this year and more information on the many “firsts” achieved while making it can be found here.

Personally, I dislike the look of all three choices.  Maybe my perception of cool and functional spacesuits is skewed by years of sci-fi movies and cartoons, but these designs just don’t get my heart racing for space travel.  The winning suit looks like a cross between a TRON costume that was left on the cutting room floor and a Volus from the Mass Effect series.  Glow-in-the-dark TRON-blue on a short, stubby suit with no neck.  Not exactly screaming human superiority when we finally meet up with extraterrestrial life.

It is just a prototype so it most likely will never see actual field use.  But I hope whatever final design NASA ends up with for future manned-flights don’t make us look like hunchbacks from planet Earth.


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