Taping Tuesday: IT Band Syndrome

The IT band is a thick strip of fascia that originates on the outside of the hip and travels down the lateral aspect of the leg before attaching just below the knee.  It plays a role in hip extension, abduction, and external rotation as well as stabilization of the knee.

IT band syndrome refers to pain in the area caused by an injury due to repetitive use of the lower extremity in activities such as running, cycling, or weight lifting.  Inflammation is the most common culprit and can be a result of improper form, muscular imbalances, and structural anomalies in the feet and legs.

Kinesiotaping is a conservative means to help deal with IT band syndrome and can aid in reducing recovery time, allowing the athlete to resume their activities with less discomfort and more stability.  KT Tape elects for a star pattern technique that focuses on the origin of the band while Rocktape uses a singular thick strip of tape to run along the IT band.


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