Taping Tuesday: Turf Toe

When a metatarsophalangeal joint sprain occurs in the big toe, it is deemed a “turf toe” injury.  This occurs when there is hyperextension of the toe wither from an acute jam of the digit or overuse of the joint from repetitive pushing off.  It is a very common injury in football players due to the artificial turf causing feet to stick easier and leading to jamming of the big toe.

Two to three weeks is a typical recovery period for turf toe, with constant ice, elevation, and compression of the joint as typical treatment.  Kinesiotape can aid in speeding up the healing time.  Due to the nature of the joint, a modified approach is taken to taping it.  A thin, shorter strip of tape first wraps around the joint, followed by a longer, thin strip that stabilizes the toe from the bottom of the foot.