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New Titanfall Season Pass Information

With the release of Titanfall just a week away, new information has surfaced from Respawn Entertainment about planned DLC for the game and the corresponding Season Pass.  A grand total of three content packs will be released sometime after the game ships.  Each can be bough individually when they come out or you can buy all three in advance with the Season Pass for $24.99, which represents a $5 savings.  This applies to all three versions of the game, XBox One, PC, and XBox 360.

For those playing on PC, a Digital Deluxe addition is now available for $79.99, which represents an additional $5 savings as opposed to buying the game and Season Pass separately.  As per the official Titanfall site, the content packs will all have new maps but any other features are to be determined.

The quality of DLC has always fluctuated as seen in recent games such as Call of Duty and Battlefield 4.  There have been really great add-ons in Borderlands 2 and then some complete duds also.  So the risk with buying a Season Pass before all the content is released is that you might be spending money on ones that are not worth it or aren’t significant enough to justify the cost.  With no knowledge of what else might be released besides more maps, it is probably safer to wait for each Titanfall DLC to come out before committing to shelling out money.

Regardless, head here for more info straight from the source.