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Drones: The Next Step in Dog Walking?

A fellow blogger pointed me in the direction of this quite fascinating video involving a man and his dog.  And his drone.  Well, more specifically, a man’s drone and his dog.  Drones have recently exploded onto the consumer scene and are now equipped with high resolution cameras and fancy GPS tracking software.  So it makes perfect sense for people to start finding more practical uses with these expensive and high tech gadgets.

Enter dog walking.  The video below depicts an idyllic future where we are free from the burden of having to actually physically walk and interact with our pets.  Because that is just so burdensome.  I can’t imagine how a drone would be able to control a large dog that decides to chase one thing or another.  Or what about how to avoid obstacles like oncoming cars or children?  Have we gotten to a point in society where even the act of walking our pets, who oftentimes are considered a family member, is to be relegated to an autonomous unit?

As mentioned by my fellow blogger who made me aware of this video (Poseidon’s Scribe – a great resource for writers in general), he’d much rather see drone pooper scoopers.  Much more practical and useful.  Still, an interesting video, but somehow I doubt it’ll catch on.