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Taping Tuesday: Spine and Disc Pain

As previously noted, Ryan Anderson of the New Orleans Pelicans was diagnosed with a herniated disc in his cervical spine.  The latest news from the team is that Anderson’s doctors are recommending rest for 2 months before evaluating whether surgery is required.  If necessary, the surgery would be similar to what Peyton Manning had before returning to the NFL.

Since spine and disc pain is a relatively common occurrence in our population, today’s ‘Taping Tuesday’ takes a look at a kinesiotape technique that may offer relief for people suffering from this condition.  First a disclaimer: I’m not offering clinical advice for any conditions featured in these blog entries.  Please consult your physician for proper medical guidance.  Now then, on to the tape (pun intended)!


Update: Pelicans F Ryan Anderson Diagnosed with Herniated Disc

New Orleans forward Ryan Anderson’s condition has been updated from a cervical stinger to a herniated disk, meaning he will be out indefinitely.  No word yet on whether surgery will be required.

Discs act as shock absorbers in our spine and are made up of an outer fibrous ring (annulus fibrosis) and a soft jelly-like center (nucleus pulposus).  When a herniation occurs, the soft center protrudes out because of a tear in the outer ring.  This can happen as a result of degenerative changes from repeated trauma and wear-and-tear to the disc or traumatic events.


Symptoms of herniated discs vary based on the location and severity of the herniation but can range from localized back/neck pain, numbness, tingling, muscle weakness, and paralysis.  It is also possible to have no symptoms if the herniation is not interfering with soft tissues or nerves.  Treatment options range from non-surgical options such as NSAIDs, cortisone injections, decompression therapy, chiropractic, and physical therapy, to surgery like a discectomy.