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Overview of Lakers’ G Nick Young’s Patella Fracture

Guard/forward Nick Young of the Los Angeles Lakers continues to be sidelined with knee pain after sustaining a non-displaced left patella fracture a month ago.  The injury occurred late in the second quarter on February 5th against the Cleveland Cavaliers.  Young was wrapped up by C.J. Miles on a fast-break, causing the former to improperly plant his left leg.  He has been in and out of the lineup for the past month.

The patella, or kneecap, provides strength and stability when the leg straightens because the quadriceps muscle attaches to it.  Common methods of fracturing the patella include direct trauma from a fall or when there is an eccentric contraction force exerted on the area.  This can happen with forceful quadriceps contraction while the leg is straight, causing the patella to be pulled apart.

Patella fractures can be classified into four types:

  1. Stable (non-displaced): The patella is fractured in a way that everything is still in place anatomically.
  2. Displaced: The patella fractures in such a way that the pieces no longer line up, and thus requires surgery.
  3. Comminuted: The patella breaks into three or more pieces and is very unstable.
  4. Open: The skin over the patella has broken, revealing the bone underneath.  Often, damage is also seen in the surrounding muscles, ligaments, and tendons.

Fantasy Impact
The Lakers have a couple of intriguing prospects putting up solid lines with Young out.  Among them are Wesley Johnson and Kent Bazemore.  The former has been averaging 14 PPG and hitting almost 2 threes a game since Young went out.  Bazemore has been a huge surprise so far for the Lakers after being buried on the bench in Golden State where he was known more for his celebrations than his on-court contributions.  Since being dealt at the trade deadline, he’s scored in double digits in all five games, averaging 16 PPG and a career high 33 MPG.  I leave you with a compilation of Mr. Bazemore’s body of work in Golden State.


Overview of Lakers PF Pau Gasol’s Groin Strain

Pau Gasol of the Los Angeles Lakers underwent an MRI on Saturday and was diagnosed with a strained right groin.  He had been playing with pain in the area for the past week and now will be out for at least a week following the diagnosis.  Gasol had been playing well, notching 7 double-doubles in his last 10 games.  This mini-break might be good for him as there are rumors the Phoenix Suns are trying to trade Emeka Okafor’s expiring contract for Gasol.

Adductor Muscle Group

Groin strains affect the adductor muscle group that attaches from the pubic bone to the femur.  The six muscles that allow the leg to move towards the midline of the body (adduct) are adductor brevis, adductor longus, adductor magnus, adductor minimus, pectineus, and gracilis.

There are three grades of strains in the groin:

  • Grade 1: mild pain but no loss of function or mobility
  • Grade 2: moderate pain with limitations on running and jumping
  • Grade 3: Pain with mild activity such as walking and often muscles are torn

Usual time frame for recovery is 1 week for grade 1, 2-3 weeks for grade 2, and 6-8 weeks for grade 3.  Initial therapy includes rest, icing the area of discomfort, and wrapping the thigh with tape.  Stretching and strengthening exercises can be added as pain dissipates and range of motion returns.

Fantasy Impact
With Gasol out, Jordan Hill and Chris Kaman will see the biggest bumps in minutes and production.  After a hot start to the season, Hill has scored in double digits only once in his last ten games, bottoming out with a 3 REB and 0 PTS in 12 minutes of action on Friday.  If Gasol misses an extended period of time or gets traded, Hill might be able to re-capture the output at the beginning of the season.  Kaman has been cleared to play after an MRI on his knee came back negative and will probably get the start at center.  He hasn’t played in 2 weeks but should contribute if healthy.