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New Titanfall Season Pass Information

With the release of Titanfall just a week away, new information has surfaced from Respawn Entertainment about planned DLC for the game and the corresponding Season Pass.  A grand total of three content packs will be released sometime after the game ships.  Each can be bough individually when they come out or you can buy all three in advance with the Season Pass for $24.99, which represents a $5 savings.  This applies to all three versions of the game, XBox One, PC, and XBox 360.

For those playing on PC, a Digital Deluxe addition is now available for $79.99, which represents an additional $5 savings as opposed to buying the game and Season Pass separately.  As per the official Titanfall site, the content packs will all have new maps but any other features are to be determined.

The quality of DLC has always fluctuated as seen in recent games such as Call of Duty and Battlefield 4.  There have been really great add-ons in Borderlands 2 and then some complete duds also.  So the risk with buying a Season Pass before all the content is released is that you might be spending money on ones that are not worth it or aren’t significant enough to justify the cost.  With no knowledge of what else might be released besides more maps, it is probably safer to wait for each Titanfall DLC to come out before committing to shelling out money.

Regardless, head here for more info straight from the source.


Titanfall Beta Now Open to All

Looks like the Titanfall beta will now be opened to everyone on the XBox One, with the PC version following suit shortly, per a Tweet from Respawn Entertainemnt co-founder Vince Zampella.

It will be interesting to see how Respawn’s servers respond to the influx of players.  As of last night on the PC (which is still in closed beta), I was once again receiving connection error messages and disconnects.  It wasn’t as frequent as Saturday but nonetheless was frequent enough to be annoying and disruptive.  It’s good to see them stress their servers at close to max capacity with the change so I expect these issues to be ironed out by Titanfall‘s release on March 11th,

‘Titanfall’ Closed Beta Registration Ends 2/14

The deadline for a chance to access the closed beta of Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall on XBox One and PC is fast approaching.  Registration ends on Friday, 2/14 at 4 pm PST.  Founded by the guys responsible for Infanity Ward’s Call of Duty titles, this will be Respawn Entertainment’s first game and will compete for market share with established shooters such as the aforementioned CoD and EA’s Battlefield series.  Head here to sign-up before it ends.

Slated for a March 11th release, Titanfall is a 6v6 first person shooter with the added element of giant robots (titans) that each player can jump in and pilot.  The beta will include 2 maps (Angel City and Fracture) and 3 game modes.  Attrition is Titanfall‘s version of team deathmatch but with AI controlled cannon fodder running around.  Hardpoint Domination is basically Battlefield‘s Conquest mode where teams fight to maintain three capture points.  Finally, Last Titan Standing starts all players in a titan and only one life.  Check out the following  videos that were recently released for more info.

Beta codes will be emailed to a select number of people beginning tonight and until February 17th.  I’ll be furiously hitting the ‘F5’ key through the weekend…