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Taping Tuesday: Ankle Sprain/Stability

According to a 17 year review of injuries in the NBA published in Sports Health, lateral ankle sprains were the most prevalent injuries.  It also caused the second most missed games, behind patellofemoral inflammation.  Typical treatment consists of conservative measures such as rest, ice, compression, and elevation (RICE) for grade 1 sprains.  Grade 2 includes more stabilization of the joint with an added boot or brace.  Regardless of the grade, strengthening and range of motion rehab exercises are often prescribed while surgery is a rare option.

Kinesiotape provides good support for the ankle and can help speed up the recovery process.  There are different techniques for taping an ankle depending on who you ask.  Here are two methods courtesy of Rocktape and Kt Tape.

Had experience with kinesiology tape on your ankles?  Sound off in the comments below!


Overview of Bobcats G Kemba Walker’s Ankle Sprain

Charlotte Bobcats leading scorer Kemba Walker suffered a left ankle sprain on Saturday against the Miami Heat after stepping on Chris Bosh’s foot while driving to the basket.  He had X-rays and an MRI on Sunday, which revealed a grade 2 sprain.  The team stated that Walker miss 10 to 14 days.

Ankle sprains are categorized into 3 grades, depending on the severity of the injury.  Grade 1 is a slight stretching to the ligaments with mild tenderness and edema.  No walking boot is necessary.  Grade 2 occurs when there is partial tearing of the ligaments with instability of the ankle and restricted range of motion.  It is more difficult to walk and put weight on the foot as there is noticeable edema with ecchymosis (bruising).  Grade 3 sprains happen when there is a complete tear of the ligament, but surprisingly most of these do not require surgery.  The body does an amazing job of healing itself.

Typical recovery time for grade sprains is 2-4 weeks, grade 2 is 4-8 weeks, and grade 3 is 8-12 weeks.  It is surprising that the Bobcats have Walker pegged at 10-14 days for his grade 2 sprain.  Granted, everyone heals at a different rate, and as a professional athlete, he has access to the best rehab therapy.  But it still seems like an accelerated and optimistic time frame.

Fantasy Impact
Ramon Sessions is a good stopgap pickup until Walker gets back on the court.  Sessions will be the Bobcats’ starting point guard and he finished Saturday’s game with 16 PTS and 5 AST.  He leads the league in drives per 48 minutes meaning he gets to the line regularly and is a career 80% free throw shooter.