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Taping Tuesday: Outer Knee Pain

Since the focus was on inner knee pain last week, it’s only fair we show the outside of the knee some taping love.  Important anatomical structures are located in this area including the lateral collateral ligament (LCL), lateral meniscus, and the area of insertion for the IT band.  Taping the outer knee can promote healing to any sort of lateral knee injury resulting from sports such as running, tennis, basketball, and football.

First up is KT Tape’s version using 2 half strips and 1 regular strip.

Rocktape’s technique is simpler in that only 1 regular and 1 half strip are needed.


Taping Tuesday: Inner Knee Pain

With a rash of MCL injuries occurring in the NBA recently (Iman Shumpert and Nene Hilario), I thought it would be appropriate to showcase a couple of kinesiotaping techniques for inner knee pain.  In addition to knee ligament issues, medial knee pain can also be caused by inflammation of the tendons from leg muscles that attach in the area such as the sartorious, gracilis, and semitendinosis.

KT Tape provides a way to tape the inner knee using two small strips and one larger strip of tape.

Rocktape on the other hand provides support in the region using a regular strip and a half strip of tape.